Oslo - Haugesund 28. august - 29. august.

We will take you west from Oslo over the Norwegian Mountains and show some of our most beautiful nature and our hidden diamantes. This drive is speculate and will have one amazing sleep over and meet the raw nature on a small hiking trip, see beautifull waterfalls and take a lot of wandefull selfies. Starts Tuesday from Oslo sentral busstation 28th of august 12:00. NOK3630




28/8 and 30/8 10am - 16pm

Langfoss is nominated by CNN as one of the worlds 10 most beautiful waterfalls!

The foss has a drop of 612 meters and is Norways fifth highest waterfall.

It is spectacular view.

At this trip our guests will eat at the local farm Eljervik.

The farm has a beautiful surrounding in the fjord and they will tell the farms history and talk about culture landscape here at Åkerfjord. Bring Warm clothes and good shoes. NOK 1200


Pulpit Roc

28/8 and 30/8 08:30am - 21pm (shorter time on Thursday, we will be back at 17pm, or it will be on another day)

The Pulpit Rock is one of the famous tourist attractions in Norway.

The Pulpit Rock is a steep cliff which rises 604 metres (1,982 ft) above the Lysefjorden. Here you can see one of the deepest fjords in Norway and the view is spectacular. The cliff overlooks the lush green valleys

It is about 2hour hike to get up to the summit.

There will be served lunch at Preiestolen fjellstove. Bring good walking shoes. NOK 1850



28/8 and 01/9 12pm - 15pm

For 3000 years Vikings and chieftains controlled the strait Nordvegen – the shipping lane that gave Norway its name.

Around 870 King Harald Fairhair made Avaldsnes his main royal estate, which was to become Norway’s oldest throne.

Today, we still find Olav’s church at Avaldsnes, as well as Nordvegen History Center and the Viking Farm. These are all places of importance for the Vikings and the history of Norway. NOK 650.


29/8 and 30/8 10am - 16pm

The charming town Skudeneshavn is situated at the southernmost tip of the island Karmøy.

The “old town” consists of 130 well preserved wooden, white houses originating from the 1800’s, when the herring-fishing was at its peak.

The town is full of life all around the harbour. with café house, and souvenir shops. Lunsj is served at Norways most beautiful beaches. Åkrasanden.Includes lunch. NOK 850.



29/8 10am - 13pm

Very close to Haugesund town centre, you find areas excellent for hiking. You can hike all the way up, it takes about 45 minutes, or you can take the bus to Steinsfjellet and walk for 15 minutes . After the visit to Kringsjå, there will be a 15 minutes walk back to the top of Steinsfjellet. Here you can take in the panoramic view of the city, the North Sea, islands and municipalities of the region. On a sunny day you can see the sun set in the ocean. NOK 400.

RIB - boat

28/8, 29/8 and 30/8 12pm - 13pm

A trilling, adventurous and fun activity.

If you wish for some extra excitement, we increase the speed and find exiting waves.

Make a trip over “Sletta” or through Karmsundet to a memorable part of your stay in Haugesund – it is recommended!

NOK 650.


Helicopter tour

30/8 12pm - 14pm

Fly over the mountains, glaciers and fjords in beautiful Hardanger. See the famous Trolltunga and all the waterfalls.

Enjoy Hardangervidda and glaciers from the air. 5 passenger each trip. NOK 3100.

Sightseeing of Haugesund Center

30/8 12pm

Streets and piers, monuments and art. Beautiful scenery and architectural gems. Join us on a guided tour through Haugesund Center where you can get an insight into the history of the city and experience some of the city’s attractions. NOK 400.

Experience a taste of paradise

29/8 09am - 15pm

Flor and Fjære is a sanctuary for pleasure.

In an incredible park and a wonderful restaurant, you will get a unique experience of pleasure, recreation and inspiration.

A visit to Flor & Fjære starts with a pleasant boat trip on the fjord, followed by a walking tour in the lush gardens – and rounds off with an abundant buffet that makes your mouth water. NOK 2500


Every tour starts from the conference hotel Scandic Maritim and back to the hotel

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