30 August – 02 September 2018



Conference Hotel: Scandic Maritim



Registration opens:

30 September 2017


Early-bird closed:

1 April 2018


Registration closes:

1 June 2018



lci2018norway@gmail.com or message on our Facebook page


You can book hotel when you registrate for the event in the same registration: NOK 650 EUR 65 (pr. night pr person in dobbel room) The hotel is booked for LCI AGM and can only be registerd by our link. When you book dobble, trippel or family room, only the one person pay. The price is for the room is for both in a dobble room all three in trippel room and all four in family rooms. Remember to write names of hwo you share room with.


Prices The valuta of Euro is calculated at the date the transfer accure. If you are paying something in the registration, we will check the valuta that date.

•Registration only – standard: NOK 990 (After Early Bird closes NOK 1150) EUR pr 1.6.2018 109 Euro (126Euro)

•Registration partner: NOK 900 - EUR 99

•Administration fee: NOK 167 - EUR 18

•Councillors Dinner: NOK 700 - EUR 77

•Councillors Meeting incl lunch: NOK 255 - EUR 28

•Opening Ceremony & Welcome Party: NOK 450 - EUR 49

•AGM Lunch: NOK 305 - EUR 33

•Home Party: NOK 320 - EUR 35

•Gala: NOK 730 - EUR 80

•International contact meeting: NOK 305 - EUR 33


Full package: NOK 2795 (EUR 308 june 2018 )

Includes registration, administration fee, opening ceremony, welcome party, AGM lunch, home party and Gala Dinner.


First come, first served


Conference Hotel:

Scandic Maritim

Åsbygaten 3 5528 Haugesund

Postboks 593, 5501 Haugesund


Reception (+47) 52 86 30 00

Telefax (+47) 52 86 30 01


Prices for Conference hotel:

Dobbelroom: 650 NOK pr night pr. person (69 EUR)


Single room 1080NOK pr. night pr person (120 EUR)

-The Norwegians are ON TIME, The meeting stars at time and the busses leaves at scedual.

-We are not allowd to drink in public, ask the bars and restaurants, You are allowd to bring your drink outside at the outdoor restaurants.

- You will find your Homeparty number, Buss number and Gala Dinner number at the information booklet you get in the registration.






Viking heritage


It is possible to see and experience how the Vikings lived. Every aspect of the day-to-day life of the Vikings, from work to celebrations including farming, fishing, handicrafts, commerce, art and culture are on display here.

Shopping and Chamapgne


Welcome to Haugalandets largest trading center. In the center you will find everything you want.

We have chain stores, department stores, niche boutiques and specialty shops.

In addition, we have a wide selection of restaurants, night clubs, cafes and cultural institutions.

Inhale The Ladies spirit


Welcome to Haugesund – Homeland of Viking Kings. This is the area where Vikings used to live and where the Viking Kings had their Royal seat. You will experience the best of what Norway has to offer. Fjord, waterfall, coast- and city

culture, the unique Viking history, glacier, mountains and sea, idyllic islands and lighthouses is among what you will find in this region. Situated between Stavanger and Bergen, between the sea and the mountains, makes Haugesund the perfect destination. Here you may learn more about the Vikings and get to experience the scenic areas of saga landscape, towering mountains and the wild sea

For 3000 years ago chieftains and kings controlled the strait Karmsundet – Nordvegen – the shipping lane that gave Norway its name.

Terms and conditions

59th Conference of Ladies' Circle International


First come, first served

With the exception of the conference itself, all program items have limited places. These will be distributed strictly in chronological order of registration.


Program items

The individual description to the chosen program items can be found on the website and can be referred to at any time. The organizers may choose to change certain program items if circumstances demand. No claims arising out of these changes can be made towards the organizers and the registration retains its validity. Should a program item have to be cancelled, the participation fee for this item will be refunded. Further claims towards the organizers will not be entertained.


Program schedule / Follow-up bookings

All participants have to ensure that their registration is complete. All chosen program items are listed in the confirmation e-mail, which each participant will recieve within 2 business days after completion of their registration.


Registration Changes / Cancellation

Each change to registration or cancellation has to be made in writing, by e-mail to the following e-mail address: lci2018norway@gmail.com. The e-mail date determines the cancellation fee. The Registration team will reply within five business days confirming receipt of the cancellation. The cancellation is valid only after the participant has recieved the cancellation confirmation and is responsible for ensuring that the cancellation was accepted by the organisers.



Cancellation policy

From 26 September 2016 to 1 March 2018: Loss of Registration fee*.

From 3 March 2017 to 30 April 2018: Loss of Registration fee* and 25% of total.

From 1 May 2017 to 4 June 2018: Loss of Registration fee* and 50% of total.

From 5 June 2017 to 24 July 2018: Loss of Registration fee* and 75% of total.

After 24 July, 2018: no refund is possible.


* The REGISTRATION fee covers the cost of various elements necessary for running the conference such as registration service, taxes, housing, transfer, printing, tech support, conference bags etc.


Payment handling costs will be deducted from the amount of refund. A cancellation/part cancellation made because of illness, force majeure or other reasons are subject to the conditions laid out above.



Pre-tours and day tours

Each participant of any tour is liable for her/himself. The terms and conditions stated on this website apply.


Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. The participants (including partners etc.) agree that immaterial amendments can be made without prior notice and/or consent. In case of material amendments – the participants will be informed by email.



1.The organisers cannot be held liable for damages arising out of slight negligence or force majeure. Place of performance and the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Sønderborg, Denmark. Participants are responsible for arrival and departure as well as the needed travel and insurance, including, but not restricting to medical and civil liability insurance documents.

2.The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse registration of any individual assigning any reason.

3.Passports and Visas are sole responsibility of the participants. Letters of information, if required, to assist in obtaining a visa, will be issued by the Organising Committe based on a specific request.

4.It is highly recommended that participants obtain suitable insurance, including insurance for the conference, valid from the date of booking. Note: Attendance at the LCI Conference, including travel and activities undertaken, are entirely at your own risk. No member of the Organising Committee, or member club of the National Association of Ladies Circle, the National Association of Ladies Circle, or agent of the National Association of Ladies Circle have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever you may incur whilst travelling or during the Conference period.

5.The Organising Committee reserves any right to amend the Conference Itenerary and venues should the need to arise and cancel any event if there is an insufficient number of participants. On such an event the Organising Committtee shall endeavour to provide a suitable alternative event or provide a part refund to the value of that event. Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of the Conference Venues.

6.The Organising Committee reserve the right to amend the tour iteneraries and establishments should the need arise and cancel any event if there is an insufficient number of participants. In such an event the Organising Committee shall endeavour to provide a suitable alternative tour or provide a part refund to the value of that tour. Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of the tour establishment.

7.No smoking is permitted on transport or Conference Venues.

8.A Conference pass will need to be purchased by all participants wishing to attend any of the program items. Conference passes will be issued at registration. They must be worn at every event throughout the Conference. If you loose your pass please contact a member of the Organising Committee as soon as possible. New passes will be issued subject to administration charge.

9.All participants are required to bring identification to the Conference and may be asked to present it before entering an event. No refund will be given if access to a function is denied as a result of failure to produce photographic identification.

In an event that a problem arises please contact any member of the Organising Committee who will use their best endeavours to resolve matters.


Contact us on e-mail: lci2018norway@gmail.com or on Facebook